Landlordism the cancer forcing up the cost of a Home
Property investors pay higher prices for property, reason the tenant will be paying the landlords debt.
The Australian-Active-Alliance will change the System
We have a fight on our hands, Every political system on the Planet is owned by Landlords. we are all slaves to Landlordism.
Landlordism controls every Political System
The majority of Politicians, Lawyers and Judges collect RENT
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We’re heading increasingly towards an economy with no more value produced, .Except for the luxuries of the ultra rich and the bare necessities for the continuation and upholding of the rest of the system. It’s causing additional harm to us as well. All the value of the work done of the ordinary tenant increasingly goes to basic sustenance and those ongoing, unending wealth extractions. Especially rent. You may have noticed, for example, during our ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. The sales for small business and even most manufacturers has dropped considerably, reducing their profits, Many people have lost their jobs, but the banks have not lowered their fees or interest rates, and the landlords have not (for the most part) reduced or eliminated their rent extractions. They are still operating on all cylinders because they do not need to produce anything. They just need to keep collecting on their ownership claims. Landlord exploitation goes far beyond rent extractions and evictions. In many cases. Workers have been laid off, and they’re unable to pay their landlords or creditors. So they are falling more deeply into debt. This is why you are increasingly seeing squatters, rent strikes, and other forms of resistance emerging as more and more landlords look to a fresh series of forthcoming evictions, The only way for the pressure to be alleviated would be for the rent collectors to eat the loss. That would mean less money (dramatically so in many cases) for the banks and certainly less money for the landlords. As already described, the state is an institution under their control, working in their interests, and upholding their property relations. They are the ones with the guns, and the ones making the rules, and they aren’t going to let themselves be the ones to take a financial hit for the good of the masses —indeed, it will be exactly the opposite. But if we, the tenants, can free ourselves of this system of property relations, we can create a world where tenants don’t owe their wealth extractions to landlord or financial institutions. We can oppose both the banks and the landlords, to see that everyone (literally everyone) is provided housing. We are placed on a sadistic treadmill, where we continually have to keep working extra hard, for the extractions of individual profiteers, lording over our homes, our land. It’s time for this last holdover of feudalism to finally end. If the landlord class is not willing to cease the rent extractions on their own, the only solution may be their total class liquidation.