Creating a new political Organization totally different than any other.
Capitalism. Communism and Socialism have one thing in common they all exploit workers. we must be different
The Clock is ticking. we must change the way people think.
A lifetime of indoctrination has led to a greedy society
Money the foundations of Political Corruption
Where does money come from? a printing machine owned by Banks,

Westminster Electoral System the most Corrupt. votes are not equal . Less than half of the votes to win 87% of the seats in Parliament.

Queensland state election, 24 March 2012
Legislative Assembly
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Enrolled voters2,746,844  
Votes cast2,499,612 Turnout91.00+0.07
Informal votes53,797 Informal2.15+0.21
Summary of votes by party
PartyPrimary votes%SwingSeatsChange
 Liberal National1,214,55349.66+8.0678+44
 Katter’s Australian Party282,09811.53+11.532+2
 Family First33,2691.36+0.540±0
 One Nation2,5250.10–0.280±0
Total2,445,966  89 

Australian-Active-Alliance proposes changes to end the Age of Corrupt Political Systems,  we strive to create a political system where all Australians have a say in  Government. social equality and freedom of choice, the Party seeks to have these values reflected in the laws and institutions of Australia, our Party is founded on principles based on truth,  we are part of a global alliance against increasing draconian laws. and the erosion of our freedoms. we believe in finding new ways to promote trust between all of humanity. 

We believe  religion should have no part in government, religion should be between oneself and the God you believe in, those who believe in a God should be banned from  indoctrinating other human beings .

We believe Planet Earth needs to be saved  to do this we must change the political system that was created by Landlords and Bishops,

We believe in one world currency if achieved it would stop the trading of one nations currency against another. the Money market would no longer be able to bankrupt a nation by devaluing that nations Currency.  imports and exports  would be based on need not greed. today profits are made  bringing Pineapples from Brazil to sell in a market in Queensland surrounded by Pineapple farms, That happens because  the money market puts a lower value on the currency of poor Nations, we will seek out to have our agenda taken up by other Political/Peoples organizations around the World.

We will end the power of Landlords and Moneylenders. We will work towards a justice system that will be in the hands of the people.

We need a team to build our foundations, together we can do anything, having said that I know there will be lots of opposition from the top end of town.  this site has been deleted three times, anyone who needs to  copy this site into a new website creation,  please do ,  

Together we can do anything, you can take part in building this organization. this site is only opening a new way of thinking for all those who  want real change.    Join our Blog  put forward new ideas,  join the team .



We need to change the System. to make all votes equal.
What we propose,

Change to a new system where all votes are equal in value. How do we do that?  All genuine political parties pick  a team with experience to represent the Party. we wont be voting for a local party stooge, we will be voting for a party, knowing the best of the best will represent the party we support. all votes will be  equal.

Once a election is held, the result will give us a  total number of votes cast, that total is then divided by the number of seats in the Parliament. to find   the value of  one seat , we then take the total votes received by each party.  divide by the  vote value of one seat to determine how many seats that party will have in parliament,  once that has been done there will be votes  left over and some seats still to fill.  those seats will go to those contestants with the highest number of leftover votes, , we will end up with a government of highly experienced people. instead of a government of back benchers whos only activity is to vote when prompted by their leader.

This change will end the role of the right/left wing control of how you vote. we will have a real government of the people, today a large number of people dont  vote for a small party, because their vote may be lost. under this system no vote is lost.  because all votes are equal,

The present system promotes corruption encourages manipulation of the vote count, How to Vote Cards are How to Mislead Cards.

There is no doubt the  present system is legally corrupt , created by Landlords and Bishops to make sure the people from the top end of town always remain in control., negative ad campaigns, stirring up hatred between rich and poor,  we have been living in a legalized Dictatorship for too long, 

The  Australian Active Alliance  needs you to build this new organization, Lets do it together.   starting with the foundations.  lets build a team to change the corrupt system,  soon we will not be able to do that. because those in Power are moving the goal posts.  to stop us winning.

So what happens when all the seats have been claimed. The election was held to find the total number of votes  each political party.  to allocate seats according to the results.

Each political party now meet to vote in their top candidates  to represent them in government all elected members form government no opposition .

All political parties put forward members that will stand for the position of Prime Minister and other positions of power,

All members of Parliament will have to uphold the policies they put to the people , those policies will be set out in a booklet paid for by the taxpayer . that will be sent to all Australians one month before a election, all registered  political parties will have the same space in that booklet to promote their policies, no other forms of advertising will take place , unless all parties receive the same cover on national TV.  deceptive advertising will not be allowed, voters will have one choice , to vote for one political party., 

“More  can be added later” this is only  a proposal, that would end corruption. money would no longer be the tool that elects corrupt politicians . 


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