Creating a new political Organization totally different than any other.
Capitalism and Communism have one thing in common, workers are exploited. We will be different
The Clock is ticking. we must change the way people think.
A lifetime of indoctrination has led to a greedy society
Money the foundations of Political Corruption
Where does money come from? a printing machine owned by Banks,
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Westminster Electoral System created by LANDLORDS and BISHOPS. is corrupt. result of the 2012 Queensland State Election, proves the system is a scam; LNP needed less than half of the total votes to win 87% of the seats in Parliament.

Enrolled Voters, 2,746,844, Votes Cast, 2,499012, Informal Votes,53,797,

Summary of votes by Party,

Liberal/National 1,214,553, votes 49.66%, Seats won 78,

Labor Party, 652,092, votes 26.66%. Seats won 7,

Katter’s Australian Party 282,098 votes, Seats won 2,

Greens 184,147 votes 7.53% seats won 0,

Family First Party, 33,269 votes 1.36% seats won 0,

One Nation Party, 2.525 votes 0.10% seats won 0,

Independent 77,282 votes 3.16% Seats won 2


The Australian Active Alliance is a people’s organisation committed to ending the rule of Landlordism — the source of the exploitation, oppression, war, and environmental destruction in the world today.The Australian Active Alliance will at the forefront of the fight to end the role Landlords play in our society. there has never been an organisation  like ours, because those who threaten the corrupt system are imprisoned,

“The day has passed for patching up the capitalist system created by Landlords and Bishops; it must go.”  The immense social, political, and economic crises that dominate life in the 21st century all testify this truth, but the climate emergency gives added urgency to its meaning. That’s why the Australian Active Alliance stands for revolutionary system change, and why we are organising to bring it about. We support every right and reform that can improve life for all working people, while fighting for what’s needed. We say: if Landlordism can’t afford to provide for our needs, then we can’t afford Landlords and Moneylenders.

Here are a few Policies we could put in place once we rid society of Greedy landlords. We will have an ongoing battle with Landlords and Moneylenders if we ever end up in a Court charged with Sedition we will face a Judge who most likely is a Landlord and the Lawyers will all be rent collectors.  and the Courthouse will be owned by a Landlord.

1 For a massive program to build homes for everyone who needs a home.

2 Nationalise the banks and repudiate the odious debt.

3 End religious control of schools and hospitals.

4 Major public works programs to build public schools,

5 Build more hospitals, and childcare facilities.

6 National health service free at the point of use. Bring all private hospitals, nursing     homes and pharmaceutical companies into public ownership.

7 Free publicly run childcare scheme for every community.

8 Free education and training for all. provide a Third-level place for all who want             one, with a living grant for all students. Build affordable, accessible student                 accommodation.

9 For substantial investment in an expanded, reliable, and free public transport               system.

10 End the reliance on fossil fuels — keep them in the ground. 

11 For a just transition to a zero-carbon economy

12 Oppose all forms of racism, sexism, and homophobia,

13 Reduce the voting age to 16.

14 Defend the right to asylum. abolish all racist immigration laws.

15 Fight to end gender violence, abuse, and harassment in all its forms.

16 Landlordism produces inequality, environmental destruction, and war. 

     We need an international struggle against this system.

     Solidarity with the struggles of oppressed peoples internationally.

17 Build a new mass political group that organises young people into a movement          to bring about a new government that breaks with Landlordism.

18 Take the key sectors of the economy — the monopolies in banking, industry,               services, agriculture, media, and big tech — into public ownership under the                 democratic control of all the people.

19 Replace the Landlord Moneylender market with a democratic new socialist plan for the economy based on the interests of all the people and the environment. Call for a one world currency, this would end the role of those who buy and sell money for profit, many Nations go bankrupt because the money market devalued their currency, All Surplus Workers to receive the minimum wage.  We want everyone to help create a new World where we all work together to improve the environment. Work alongside Nature not against it.

The Justice System must change, there are too many Landlords deciding who is guilty or not guilty. Money buys freedom. Let’s do this together. we must create a new organization.  Become a team member now, there has never been a political organisation with policies to end the role of Landlordism.  Because Landlordism decides who lives and who dies. is it not time to end the greatest scam against humanity. charging rent for a shelter.

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