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What kind of World do you want to leave for future Generations, a World with more pollution less life, more disease, and more social injustice.

 The Australian-Active-Alliance is a do-it-together organisation. Our message can be used around the World for the purpose of changing electoral Systems

There’s no ethical justification for landlords.  These people profit over misery  the un-natural housing scarcity created by landlord Politicians

The rental of residential land and living space is a strange commodity. Broadly speaking, commodities-whether physical products like food and cars, services and health care, or information’s like research and iPhone apps-are the result of some kind of production, in other words commodities are made by people using other things, who produces land and space?

 Greed is the disordered desire for more than is decent or deserved not for the greater good but for ones own selfish interest, Greed can be for anything, but it is most  commonly for food, money, possessions, power,
fame, status, attention, admiration and sex.

Waiting to vote for one of the major political Partys, I am glad so many of you have your eyes open to the questions of the day, and to the great change that is taking place in the structure of society.there is always hope for improvement when people  are willing to try to understand, the change will take place whether we understand or not. 

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We don’t want our children looking back saying: “They knew what was happening, they knew what was coming, they had the technology to save us, but not the will and they should have done more so, why didn’t they?” or “Who and what stopped our parents from doing  the best they could  for us?” Our grandchildren will ask.

We need to answer that question now, because in hindsight, it will be too late.

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